Customer Love

– Greetings, your book came today – nicely done! Thank you! GregS.

– It is great I love, do more I can’t wait to see it grow. DavidP.

– This is a wicked idea for Caribbean children bro, have you contacted Schools and the Government? Let me know and I’ll do what I can. Maurice.

– Hi Panman, we received the T-shirts and they fit perfectly, love the color and the embroidered logo. Great work man! Afaraz and Nina.

– Sweet hats man, nice bright colours! Richard.

– ah still waitin for meh free t-shirt. trinitodebone.

– Panman, our kids love the Book and the Hats! Kamla.

– Tarquin, thought shipping was going to be a problem but we received the stuff within a week. Thanks! Angela.

– We got the book, 2 T-shirts and 2 Hats for our children, we should have ordered 2 books instead if one because both kids say the book is theirs and constantly fight over it. Indra.

– Let me know when the colouring book is available, I love the story book and the pictures. Karen.

– My son refuses to take off his hat, he thinks its Awesome! Thanks again! Jackie.

– My kids love the book; I read it to them every night before they go to sleep. Its a great babysitter. Persaud.

– WOW, didn’t realize the t-shirt was so bright, but I love the green. Can I order other colors? Janice.

– Love your work, can I get your Products in Trinidad or Tobago? Lisa.

– Good job man, can’t wait to see the Toys! Ali.

– Hi Mr. Panman, thank you for sending me the book and the hat, it’s the best birthday gift I got. Peter.

– The Cap fits, he loves his new “cool-cap” and “cool-book” that match. Raj.

– When will your next book be published, our children have read this one several times and they are beating everything! Anton, Liz and David.

– This is a great idea! A Trini character created by a Trini! Robin.

– Do ah ting, Do ah ting…hey panman, meh free t-shirt ain’t reach yet. trinitodebone.

– The kids enjoyed reading the history of the Steelpan, they loved the artwork. Ian and Shamila.

– I got the book, it looks great! The colours are really vivid, it came out really well. Karen.

– We read your book and it was a pleasant surprise, a simple story with beautiful artwork, our kids love reading it over and over. Thanks for keeping we culture alive! Kathy and Roland.

– Hahaha, a steelpan character, great idea man, keep up the good works. Dave.

– I can’t wait to try out the steelpan online, let me know when its ready. Joan.

– Wow, great site bro, big up de steel pan! trinitodebone.

– Congratulations! It’s up! That’s amazing. I’m so happy for you. Talk to you soon. Lisa.

– Right on man, images look great. Jon.

– Nice! Raven.

– This is very good, I like this and glad to see it at the finish line. Good Luck Quin! well done and i’m not kidding :) Avto.

– I checked out your site, congratulations to you on your business venture. Mich.

– Tarquin this is the beginning of something that is beautiful and needed by all who share this wonderful culture…God’s speed … Max.

– Awesome. BrendaS.

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