What is Soca Music?

Soca’s history is as multi-faceted as the music is infectious. Regarding its name, Lord Shorty initially referred to his musical hybrid as “sokah”, stating in an 1979 interview with Carnival Magazine that “I came up with the name soca. I invented soca. And I never spelt it s-o-c-a. It was s-o-k-a-h to reflect the East Indian influence.” Many say the name represents the true “soul of calypso”, later changed to “soca” by a music journalist, and suggest that the name “soca” was a combination of the first two letters of “SOul” and “CAlypso”. Soca’s development includes its fusion of calypso, cadence, and Indian musical instruments—particularly the dholak, tabla and dhantal—as demonstrated in Shorty’s classic compositions “Ïndrani” and “Shanti Om”. Soca remains a vibrant style, often coopted by other musical genres and artists. It has grown since its inception to incorporate elements of disco, rap, reggae, house music, zouk, and dance music genres, and continues to blend in contemporary music styles and trends. * From Wikipedia.

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