Our story begins many years ago on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, in the tiny city of Port of Spain. Winston, a ten-year old boy loves beating his biscuit tin, but his Mother doesn’t like the noise. Every day, Winston sneaks away for hours to practice playing. One day, his tin goes missing! Winston searches everywhere for his little red biscuit tin but it’s nowhere to be found. Read his story and discover what Winston discovers…

I created this site to introduce people who have never heard a Steel Pan to its unique sound.

My name is Tarquin, “an I is ah Trinbagonian and ah Canadian”. I live in Canada and work in the Entertainment Industry, the tools we use can be found in 2D and 3D software packages. When I was a student one of my assignments was to create a 3D character; I created Panman. I conceived ‘PanMan’ to pay homage to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and specifically, the creators of the Steel Pan.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Winston ‘Spree’ Simon played the Steel Pan around the world, reflecting the spirit of the Caribbean, the Soul of Carnival. Winston ‘Spree’ Simon is recognized as the father of the ‘Ping Pong’ Steel Pan. Elliott ‘Ellie’ Mannette is recognized as the “father of the modern Steel Pan”. Mannette is credited with several innovations which have proven to be essential for the evolution of steel pan. His use of the whole tone scale on two resonance bodies has become a common standard.

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